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Garage Door Springs

'How Well Do You Know Your Garage Door?"

"How well do you know your garage door?" Take the quiz in the link below - shared by our friends at Amarr on FB: 
"POP QUIZ! What's your garage door IQ? Take our short quiz to find out how much you know about garage doors, then let us know your results in the comments! Click here: "

Replacing your Garage Door Springs

Great info.on replacing your garage door spirngs-shared on FB by our friends at B and B Door, IL:

"Good Read, follow link to continue to the article...
'Danger is not the only reason to let a pro replace your torsion springs. Typical DIYers will have trouble figuring out what size of replacement springs to buy, and when they do figure this out, they may well have trouble finding a retailer willing to sell springs to an amateur.' "

How Much Use Do You Give Your Garage Door?

Interesting fact shared by our friends at Smokey's Garage Door, AZ on FB:
"FACT: Opening and closing your garage door for work each day amounts to 500 times a year!"
Keep in mind that this is only calculating one person in the household, opening and closing the door just 5 days per week. Add to that all the other members of our household and all the other times a day and on weekends that we use our garage doors. It adds up to quite a bit of use. So be sure to conduct your own preliminary inspection of your garage door components. If you notice anything not working properly, call your local garage door professional. In Palm Beach County, Martin County or Port St. Lucie, FL, call us at 561-747-3332. Keep your garage door and opener operating smoothly and safely. 

Keep it Local this Christmas

From our friends at via FB:
Support your local independent businesses this holiday season. Support your community. Make Santa proud! Shop Locally!

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The Murphy's Law of Garages

Shared by our friends at  Liftpro Garage Door Service:

This is why you should always call a professional!

Interesting Garage Door Statistics

Interesting garage door statistics shared by our friends at Liftpro Garage Door Service´╗┐ via Google+
Did you know that a garage door can exert deadly force when it closes?

Garage Door Components 101

Here is some great information on garage door components that every homeowner should familiarize themselves with:

New Life for an Underused Garage

New life for an underused garage: From our friends at D & D Garage Doors:  BHG Garage Makeover - A neglected storage space becomes a fun garage hangout space full of personality.

In the Market for a New Garage Door? Buy American and Help Keep Our Economy on its Path to Recovery

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