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Great Product from The Genie Company: The LED Garage Door Opener Light Bulb

Try this great product from the Genie Company. This LED light bulb made specifically for garage door openers will save you time and the aggravation of having to replace regular light bulbs far before their normal life expectancy.

Which Door Do You Think Is Most Commonly Used to Enter Our Homes?

Interesting fact, shared by our friends at Wayne-Dalton:
"71 percent of homeowners use their garage door openers to get into their homes every day, even more often than the front entry door. #FunFactFriday
How about you? Do you fall into this percentage? -RGDS

New Product Alert: Mirrored Garage Door Are Here!

Sleek, new, mirrored garage doors from Wayne-Dalton are finally here and you can be the first in your neighborhood to have them! Call us at 561-676-2793 for a consultation today!

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New Modern Glass Garage Door | Luminous
Check out this new glass garage door made by Wayne Dalton. Glass panels on this garage door are mounted on top of an aluminum structure for an ultra-modern, frame-less look. There's also Model 464, a...

The Many Application of the Modern-Day Garage Door

The modern-day garage door has many practical yet aesthetic only by your imagination...

An Exciting New Creation

Home Features That Are Most Important to New Home Buyers

For anyone considering selling their home, our friends at HomeZada have shared the following infographic from the National Association of Realtors, specifying the features that are most important to new home buyers. Read this to find out what your prospective buyers are really looking for.

Exciting New Products are coming from LiftMaster!

Take Advantage of This Free gift Offer From LiftMaster For the Month of February

Contact us at 561-676-2793 today to schedule installation of one of our LiftMaster garage door openers and claim your free gift from LiftMaster. 

52 Quick-Fixes For Your Home

Although this informative post from This Old House doesn't contain any garage-door-related quick-fixes, re are re-sharing it because with the many other fixes it does provide, there's bound to be something of interest for far as our own advice goes: the best garage doors quick-fix is in the form of preventative measures. We advice regular lubrication and inspection of the moving parts of your door and opener -and particularly, exercising lots of common sense. If anything seems broken or working improperly, call a professional.

Give Your Garage Floor a Quick Facelift in Time for the Holidays

Get your garage floor party-ready just in time for the holidays with this quick facelift: